The sunset on cultural relevance (a poem)

Tricky times make for useful lines and rhymes. I ask myself are these events of late pre-destined or by design? Human nature makes it difficult to infer; when I look for certainty, my mind is mostly in a blur. When will things make sense? Because right now I’m feeling in suspense. I can only aim for more positive in a future tense, and my consistent efforts will give my goals credence. We need not keep up the pretence, we’re not all bad, peep over your fence. How do we engage each other better? I don’t know, but I’m looking for clues through every letter. What do you and I desire? Purpose, peace of mind and clarity, but how can this be possible with commonplace anxiety? I don’t mean to be abstract, but let’s make the most of seeking facts. We work with clues, and it helps when we exchange views. We can consume news if we so choose, but what is the end goal? Is it not nourishment for the soul? So I ask, how do we fulfill this task?

We need a rethink on popular culture for sure. Social media is too heavy on censure. Not all views have to be uniform; it is not in everything we should conform. Times are changing, compassion is wearing thin. “I’m gonna cut you off…” at a whim; being quick to such action is grim, and there’s a better way to win. Communication is age-old and not a recent innovation. Many say they want interactions that are positive, so a bit of patience is appreciated, even if that’s all you give. Love is subjective in a way, and it shows through what we have or don’t have to say. A mere smile can be your good deed for the day. Let’s not complicate things, embrace benevolence and may the sunset on this negative, divisive culture and its relevance.